OUR Story

We're totally independent, small batch by name and by nature! You won't see us everywhere and sometimes you might have to call us to find out where you can snaffle up a bottle (you'll find Laura's number a little later on). Who are we? Three friends who love gin and wanted to craft something a little bit different down Peckham way. What's next? Our distillery will open Peckham Rye shortly and we'll be sure to fly a message your way with details. If you're not already on our mailing list, drop us a love letter to littleblackbook@littlebirdgin.com

Love & Gin X

After much taste testing, feedback, fun and frivolity, Team Little Bird Gin and friends hit upon the recipe for a new London Dry Gin. Pink-grapefruit, sweet orange peel and ginger, plus seven more botanicals all contribute to our smooth citrusy taste. 

Those three little words on your bottle tell you that the botanicals are natural and distilled along with the spirit to give a purer and high quality spirit. London Dry Gin means that no artificial flavourings or colourings are allowed before or after distillation.

While that term London Dry is a nod to the style of your gin, strangely, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's actually made in London too. But rest assured, Little Bird is, of course, south London born and bred.